Got Mold? Here’s the Process.

Your service provider will discuss what necessary engineer re-controls will be employed. This include air cleaners in the room(s), HEPA vacuuming, in the process of setting up a containment zone and ceiling openings in the room. The use of negative air systems (process of keeping non-contaminated air flowing into the remediation zone while the contaminated air is exiting the zone) will be discussed. 

Your project manager will review any of the following items that are part of your project to help you understand what is being done in performing a quality remediation for your site.

  • Avoidance of impacted areas-evacuation/change in building traffic patterns
  • management of the molder mediation project
  • The criteria will be used to determine if successful conclusion to a molder mediation project.
  • Engineer in controls containment methods that will be employed on site
  • The cleaning methods used to effectively eradicate the mold
  • A list of materials that will be removed, discarded, cleaned.
  • How the debris will be packaged and disposed.
  • The purpose of the project equipment and how this will help ensure a successful remediation.

Your local service provider will provide you with the information on mold and provide you with a written quotation for molder mediation services you will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss your mold problem!

Remember, your mold remediation site risk assessor is here to help you understand what needs to be done to make your property safe and functional again! Remember your Caltex service provider has been trained and certified to perform mold testing and remediation based on EPA guidelines.

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