Mold and Your Health

Mold can produce allergens, irritants and in some cases potentially harmful micheal toxins. These allergens and toxins can cause people to become ill.

People could be exposed to mold in the following ways:

  • Breathing in the spores from the air. 
  • Skin contact from handling an item that has mold growing on it. 
  • Eating without properly washing your hands after handling moldy objects.

Small exposure to mold has the potential to cause a following health problems:

  • Itchy or irritation of the nose, eyes, throat and skin.
  • Skin rash 
  • sinus infections or congestion/runny nose sneezing and coughing 
  • upper and lower respiratory infections 
  • fatigue 
  • frequent headaches 
  • trouble concentrating, memory lapses, confusion.
  • mood swings, anxiety, depression.
  • Chronic aches and pains. 
  • Digestive problems. 
  • Long term memory loss.

Individuals with allergies or asthma tend to be very sensitive to mold and are much more susceptible to asthma attacks in the presence of mold.

Others at high risk of health affects due to mold include:

  • infants 
  • Children
  • the elderly 
  • immune compromised patients 
  • pregnant women 
  • others with respiratory issues

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