Why choose a local CalTex dealer ?

Your local service provider will deliver the services you need to address your mold problem. They will follow EPA EPA guidelines for conducting a mold remediation. This will start with a full investigation regarding mold and indoor air quality concerns. The investigation will begin with careful planning, a visual inspection of impacted materials, temperature and humidity level measurements, and mold sampling. 

The investigator Will also ask many questions such as the type of building structure, number of arguments, number of high-risk occupants, and the type of severity of reported symptoms and or supporting medical documentation. The source of the moisture problem must be known and it must be fixed so that no more moisture can enter the structure. If the source of the moisture problem is not fixed, the mold growth will recur. Your service provider will assess the extent of moisture damage I need to know the timeframe of moisture intrusion (mold can grow within 24 to 48 hours after the moisture intrusion) and the type of water source and current status of the water (I.e Does it have switching it etc.)

We use calibrate; A USDA approved, no EPA registration number, non-toxic, and environmentally safe, odorless cleaning product.

We follow current standards with proper safety precautions and equipment. 

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