Understanding your options: How can I eliminate mold?

Your local Caltex dealer can help you with your mold problem!

The Caltex solution :

Caltext trained and certified or mediators will do with the room molding odor inspection. EPA guidelines as described in environmental protection agency document; “Molder mediation in schools and in commercial buildings.” He’s guidelines apply to homes too.

Eliminate the problem

You can do the following to prevent and reduce the growth of indoor mold: 

  • Repair any water leaks. 
  • Provide good air circulation. 
  • All HVAC system should have a good electrostatic filter on the return.
  • Use bathroom, kitchen and laundry room exhaust fans. 
  • Insulate and vanity attic and crawlspace area. 
  • Clean, dry or remove items that are damaged by water.

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