Remediation & Mold Sampling

The investigator will take mold samples, (and may include viable/non-viable samples, air testing, service testing, bacterial/water sampling) to determine the type of mold. In addition, an outdoor air sample will be taken to act as a baseline reading. Your investigator will also assess the structure for the following:

  • Amount of visible mold growth. 
  • Hidden mold areas 
  • Mold in HVAC system
  • Spore deposits and range

The sampling results will be reviewed with you, the client. Different genuses families of mold often have very helpful symptoms and you can call different health problems so it’s important to understand the types of mold in the present in the structure. 

The amount of mold present can also cause health problems and migrate throughout the building. In addition, poles for mediation mold samples will be taken and compared with the outdoor air samples to determine the sufficiency of the remediation. Results should show that indoor mold levels have been reduced to outdoor air levels or less.

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